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Expand Your Reach Attract Customers Beyond Your Local Area
This diagram is a business that is only ranking in a few locations! They are loosing money to their competitors. With Cinematic Website Designs we use specialized software to detect where your business is ranking. The green circles with the number 1 are good! This shows they have an online presence there. The further out the circles start to change colors from bright green to red. You are missing google search leads in other areas as the number change. We create our websites to hyper focus on locations you want more business in! See your free preview site now!
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Google Service Area Location Expansion

Here are 3 reasons why a business owner should know what areas they are NOT getting leads in with the Google Maps tool

Target the Right Audience

Google Maps provides insights into demographics of people searching for businesses like yours. By identifying areas with low visibility, you can adjust your online presence to better target those specific demographics. This could involve using keywords more relevant to their searches or creating targeted ads.

Optimize Marketing Efforts

Understanding which areas aren't generating leads helps you focus your marketing efforts more effectively. For instance, you might discover a particular neighborhood isn't aware of your business. You can then allocate resources towards flyers or social media promotion in that area.

Identify Service Area Gaps

If you serve a specific geographic area, Google Maps can reveal pockets within that area where you have low visibility. This might indicate a need to expand your delivery service or highlight that you offer services in those under-represented locations. Avoid loosing service leads to your competition!

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